Hand Gesture Controlled Robot(IEEE Team)

Hand Gesture Controlled Robot(IEEE Team)

- Ajay Surya (2014),Himanshu Gupta (2015),Lohith Art , Technopedia



Aim:- To build and experiment with a hand gesture controlled robot.

Hardware Used:-
2 Arduino Uno.
2 breadboard.
1 9V battery supply for motors
1 9V battery supply for Arduino
1 chassis.

1- Accelerometer

2 100 rpm motors.

2 100 rpm motors

1 castor wheel Power bank

1-RF Pair

1-L298 Motor Driver IC

Software used: Arduino IDE.

Working: The hand which is controlling the bot basically has 3 important components which are an Arduino chip, a radio transmitter (sender) and an accelerometer. As we tilt or move our hand in particular angle, the accelerometer detects motion along the 3 axis and gives the inclination to Arduino attached on the glove which in turn sends it to the receiver on the bot and moves the bot accordingly.

Current status: Completed.

Video:- The video of the project in action can be found here.


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