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Aim:- Interfacing of a 32k x 8 bit SRAM chip 62256 with ATmega32A microcontroller.

Initiated By:- Rohan Dvivedi (2014 Batch).

Project Description:-A learning oriented project done to just ensure the correctness of the 62256 32k x 8 SRAM chips. It uses ATmega32A microcontroller burned with the “uC-SRAM-interfacing.cpp” using your AVR programmer, after compiling from avr8 gcc compiler.

Connect the pins of SRAM and uC as shown. Connect your uC to PC by UART-USB communication, he has used PL2303HXA for USB to UART Compile and run the “console-control-for-RAM.cpp” on your desktop/laptop computer. In the Console : “Admin :” is where you type the input command. and “Microcontroller :” is where the uC responds.

here on both the sides ‘;’ is the string termination character.

to read the command is: “R-{address in RAM in decimal number};” (without quotes)

to write the command is: “W-{data to be written}-{address where you want to write data};” (without quotes)

Example : to read from address 11322; R-11322;

to write 112 to address 12136; W-112-12136;

Checkout whole code used in this tutorial at his GitHub repository here

Current status:- Completed.

Video:- The video of the project (demo) can be found here

Contacts: – Rohan Dvivedi-9603665731