Financial Technology by Ricardo Fernandez

- Dhruv Garg , BITS - Embryo



This ATMOSí16 ,the annual tech fest of BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus, BITS EMBRYO presented talks by the elite from 14th Oct to 16th Oct . One of the talks was on Financial Technology by Ricardo Fernandez, Head of Business Development at Prodigy Finance, on 15th October.

Ricardo is currently Head of Business Development at Prodigy Finance, as well as advisor and consultant to several startups and large corporations. Previously he was Chief Operating Officer at Bitcarrier and founder of Profitail involved in Presales, opening new markets, strategy definition and internationalization. During ATMOS ,there was a telepresence talk by him from Spain on Financial Technology. He talked about fintech and the opportunities which might show up in the near future .

He then discussed how Prodigy Finance is different from the traditional banks that give student loans. It was start up by MBA alumni who knew the hardship that one should face during oneís MBA in foreign country. Prodigy Finance started initially by doing thorough research in different educational streams. Some streams like engineering and medicine guarantee the studentís job placement.He says that it must be noted that the success of prodigy finance largely depends on the fact that the firm did not grant loans to every student who applied, the future that their selected stream promised mattered more since it guaranteed the repayment of the loans. But Prodigy Finance is still testing the waters , the company is yet to spread across various fields.

The talk concluded with a 15 minute Q&A session. The talk was immensely appreciated by the audience especially by the finance enthusiasts of our campus.