All Terrain Vehicle (for Mega ATV Competiton)

All Terrain Vehicle (for Mega ATV Competiton)

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Aim:- The goal is to design and build a single-seat, all-terrain, sporting vehicle whose structure contains the driver. The vehicle is to be handle all kinds of different challenges thrown to it. The vehicle should be tested for its reliability, maintainability, ergonomics, and endurance.

Initiated By:- Nishant Raghuvanshi (2015 batch) , Vatsal Agrawal (2015 batch) along with a 27 member team including 2016 and 2015 batch students.

Brief discription of their work :- They are making an all terrain vehicle for the competition Mega ATV in March 2017. The team comprises of 29 members currently who have been segragated into different subsystems: roll cage, powertrain, suspension, brakes and tyres. The designing was done with the use of softwares like SolidWorks, ANSYS Workbench and Lotus Suspension Analysis. The aim is to make a stable all terrain vehicle that will be able to endure the harsh conditions and obstacles put forth by the track. The fabrication was done at Central Workshop using trades like welding, lathe and fitting as well as use of the fly press and the milling machine.

CURRENT STATUS:- Not completed.

If interested to see the assembly of the car and how itís done you can go to central workshop any time before 5pm.

Contact:- Nishant Raghuvanshi-9705604819