Ravi Nawal - Author of ‘India Can’

- Dipika , BITS - Embryo



Ravi Nawal, the author of the book ‘India Can’, is a firm believer in the ideology that there is always an opportunity to create impact and bring about change in every avenue a person may traverse in their lifetime.

There never exists a problem free environment, and in a heavily populated country such as ours, problems are lurking on every corner. But, once a problem is perceived as an opportunity to reform and improve existing situations, a noteworthy change can occur. Mr Nawal elucidates this principle by citing the example of Smriti Nagpal, one amongst BBC’s 100 most inspirational people, who has set up a company that manufactures quintessentially Indian artisan handicrafts where all the employees are hearing impaired. Smriti Nagpal taps into the undiscovered talent of our nation and contributes to handicapped people whilst running a successful enterprise. He further cites examples ,from his book ‘India Can’ , of people from all walks of life who have taken initiative to solve problems that they encounter in their immediate environment. Ravi Nawal further relayed to the audience Mohammed Yunus’ words of wisdom on how seemingly impossible ideas and ‘fiction’ can inspire a better reality.

Mr Nawal’s talk gave us food for thought and shattered notions that power lies in numbers. He has instilled in us the belief that imagination, ideas and initiative can change the world as we know it.