- Abhignya , BITS - Embryo



This small Alumni Summit was conducted on 13th August by BITS Embryo in the Open Amphitheatre. The speakers included Prameela Reddy, Sandeep Bhargava, Pratyush and Rajshekar Behar. The talk was based on the alumni sharing their wonderful and inspiring thoughts on college life and the pressure of the outside world and how to tackle them.

Prameela Reddy spoke about the need for student mentorship and how it greatly influenced her college days. She spoke about the need for juniors to effectively communicate with their seniors and learn from their downfalls and achievements. She also stressed on the need for time management and scheduling appropriate hours for studies and extracurricular activities.

Rajshekar spoke about the need to follow one’s passion and never giving up on them, no matter what hurdles come in the way. He did not give up his passion for theater and drama and he sets aside time for his other interests of life. He emphasized on breaking all barriers and following what our heart says by being better than the game of life.

Pratyush spoke about the pressure of the outside world and adapting to its ever-changing needs. He talked about widening our field of view and maintain positivity in our lives. He stressed on the need for students to think on their feet and acclimatize themselves to failures and stressful environments.

Sandeep spoke about the need to overcome failures and always look for the good in the bad. He spoke about the need to have better communication skills with peer and faculties and emphasized on good grades during the college days. He advised the students to remain cheerful always and learn as much as they can during their college days.

The talk was informative and jovial and was attended by many. It concluded with the audience posing their queries and the speakers sharing their thoughts on the same.