Smart Campus Team Says 212 Tracker Coming Soon

- Sriya Suri , Journal Club



One of the most prominent changes on campus this year has been the launch of the Smart Campus app. Journal Club got the opportunity to interact with the team behind this app to learn more about it.

The creation of the app started close to two years ago, when a group of students came up with the idea to streamline the system in shops, as there was a lot of crowd and very less management. Shops are a place where students bond, and the team behind the app recognized this. The first step to this was to recognize the exact statistics of the crowd that visited these shops such as the number of people visiting, their orders and the number of such orders. For this, the team established a tracking system in collaboration with the caretakers of the mess to track the orders. They developed a three-dimensional map of CP A number of such small steps resulted in the culmination of this app. “This was before demonetization. We were close to two years ahead of time”, the team quipped.

When asked about what lies in future for the app, the team replied that soon, the print shops and the eating joints on the campus will be included in the purview of the app. There will also be a 212 Tracker which will be added very soon. The reason for the delay in this feature was because of the amount of administrative interference and the permission and documentation involved.

The team shared that the app is on the last leg of its testing phase and soon it will be available to everyone on campus. Addressing the elephant in the room, the team said that they are trying to make the app available on iOS soon, but they are facing minor difficulties in terms of technical prowess and funding. But the team seems to be taking on challenges as they come, and are looking to expand their team, which is only getting stronger with time.

All said and done, the app has been a huge success with the revenue due to food stalls in both the recent fests, Verba Maximus and Arena, witnessing a huge boost and the orders in ANC almost doubling even with the availability of this app for just two batches.

Here’s to the team, and the improvements in the future.