Fresher Under Pressure

- Arjun Lokireddy, Harsha Sista , Journal Club



Hello batch of 2017. You have been through a hectic first few weeks: interactions, inductions, classes, and a little video making along the way has taken its toll on you. But now, it’s your time to shine. You have the chance to become a part of the most powerful body on campus, the Students’ Union Council. This is the only chance a fresher has, to take on a responsibility otherwise reserved only for third yearites. You’ve probably heard a lot about Hostel representatives and a decent part of that would be criticism, but this article sheds light on the facts behind the stories.

Hostel representatives or H-reps are members of SUC elected by their respective electorates i.e. their Bhavan. There is one H-Rep from each Bhawan. The work of the H-rep in one line would be “to represent the Council in the Bhavan and the Bhavan in the Council”. Similar to an MP for a district, it is an H-rep’s responsibility to convey the problems or needs of the hostel to the council.

The official duties of the H-rep are listed out in the constitution Sections 4 (e) and are summarized below, H-reps:

1.Monitor the sale or movement of inventory into the hostel.

2.Can ask for equipment or infrastructure for the hostel.

3.Shall supervise and can organize competitions or events that happen within their hostels.

4.Help organize inter-Bhavan competitions like RIXA and Renaissance.

5.Shall monitor the process of inventory maintenance in their allotted group.

Apart from these official duties, an H-rep is given the opportunity to handle projects of the SUC which are often opportunities to improve your skill set and meet incredible people. Being a part of the SUC gives you an insight into how things work in the real world, and makes you prepared to face it. Negotiating contracts, red tape, and maintaining relationships become a part of your daily life, and this experience will teach you a lot of things.

Being an H-rep is, without a doubt, a lot of work, but the experiences you gain are priceless. How much you take away from this post entirely depends on your enthusiasm and willingness to learn. H-reps have the freedom to pursue a wide range of issues while still being under the safety of the SUC. Ranging from HD channels upgrades all the way to Intime extension have been spearheaded by H-reps. By the end of your term you will have a year full of memories, and have made friends to last a lifetime.