Interview of Candidate for General Secretary - Aditya Iyer

- Guru Raj Vaishnav , Journal Club



Why did you choose to go for Gen Sec and what do you feel about being the Unanimous Candidate?
Frankly speaking I didnít plan it from much before that I wanted to go for this post. But as I kept working, both for department and clubs, I got to meet a lot of people, made memories, and learnt a lot about the campus. I am a person who always has this notion of improving things and what best can be done out of the existing. I wanted to voice it out and give my inputs in the team I am part of. I guess thatís how the idea of representing the students started. It was about time of elections; the entire environment of politics gave me insights on how much I know about campus and how much I learnt about the campus. Itís all about asking the right questions. Itís about what else I can do to learn and improve more about the campus.
I didnít expect I would be the only candidate going for the post. Every day to get to learn there is another guy going for the post, but now I learnt that I am the only candidate for the post. It feels great to be the only one, but yeah, when it comes to places where responsibility supersedes passion there definitely must be a competition because that is something that always makes you think ahead and that forces you to think better and compels to question yourself about how can you be the one who is going to make a better impact on the campus.

Despite all the efforts, there are cases where some screw-ups generally happen during headliners. What is that you propose that will bring a change in this in the upcoming festivals?
A headliner is organized by a team of clubs or Tech Associations, which have the expertise in their domain. On the other hand, you have departments who are very well versed with the organizational knowledge. The people in the clubs are emotionally attached and want to get their events done in accordance with their own wish and will. On the other hand, departments can get things done smoothly and thatís their job. These organizational factors of event organization go undermined in headliners due to differences in thoughts of clubs and departments. During this organizational procedure, the club, which has to focus on the propagating the art for they are passionate about gets less time to do so because of the managerial constraints. So, for this, I am proposing a body, an Organizing committee of the Headliners of a specific club. What this body aims to do is to bridge the gap between the clubs and departments so that everyone is an informed person and the needs of both the sides are fulfilled. There will be members from department and the club involved in it and the head of this OC will be a member of the club so that both emotional touch and organization barriers are dissolved. This will help clubs focus more on the art they promote and, they will have the team of dedicated people from departments who will get the job of event done.

You have this very unique point of an entire event to be organized by the girls of BPHC. This is a very unconventional idea that no other candidates of BPHC have presented so far (excluding the feminine secretaries) What was the thought process behind it? We would like to know more about it.
I would like to put it not just as a manifesto point, but as a new initiative. The FOBs so far had very less representation of girls. This thing struck my mind when I led the contingent to BITS Goa. I have seen many girls who have been a part of FOB taking charge of organizing a large-scale festival. I have a lot of friends who have worked a lot in the fests and have a lot of ideas, but only few of them are able to implement it. So, with the idea of an entire event organized by girls, I am planning on a two-day event entirely organized by girls. Right from publicity to event finalization, everything will totally be taken up by girls. With this initiative, I aim at making girls learn, empower them in the decision making of festivals by the means of practical exposure and experience. This also will enhance participation of girls in festival organizing and I personally feel that girls have the potential to take charge of bigger challenges in the festivals to come.

How do you aim at elevating the Tech culture on campus?
As a General Secretary, I am responsible to stick to my duties. If something is my duty, I have to deliver it and I believe in doing it. Here, bringing up the technical culture of campus is my duty and I believing in putting efforts to enhance the Tech culture on campus. We are no short of ideas and implementation as well. In this particular academic year, we had Tech week, SU tech challenge and many more workshops. The problem, which I feel is in the way the event/activity is branded and publicized/communicated on campus. The way people respond to it is what matters. For this, I aim at molding the junior batches, as they are the ones who are responsible to carry forward the Tech spirit. For this, I have plans to have a well-structured calendar year and a proper tech orientation from the day one itself. Iíll also get into meets with the associations and tech clubs on campus and bring out more effectively communicated and propagated events and workshops. I hope to enhance and extend the ideas as daysí progress. Also, I would like to carry forward the new events like Tech Week and SU challenge to next year and make modifications where ever itís needed.

One last question. What are your plans after election and after college?
Umm, the past couple of months have been a lot stressful for me with club activities, Pearl Management campaigning and all, so yeah, soon after election commences, I would take a two-day break and then get back to action with FOB meets and event scheduling for the next semester. When it comes to after the end of tenure plans, I would like to take up Theatre-Arts as my humanity course and after college I am planning at pursing higher studies in Management.