Interview of Candidate for Cultural Secretary (Boys) - Deekshith Pachipulusu

- Karthik Venkatraman , Journal Club



What makes you think you are suited for the post of the Cultural Secretary of BPHC?
The campus is ever changing. So are the people of the campus. When I first came here, I wasnít very involved in the cultural activities that took place. Taking the advice of a few seniors, I got involved in the activities that took place. Then I joined multiple clubs, departments and associations and realized that I liked working for the campus. I want to be the person that brings about the change in this campus. As Cultural Secretary, I feel like I can pull that off and bring about a meaningful and impactful change to this campus.

Could I get a few ideas as to what changes you want to see under your tenure?
As I have mentioned in my manifesto, Iíd like to start having cultural weekends. We have already seen the amount of change that a 30-member club and a 100-member department can bring about in terms of organizing events and taking care of sponsorship. Now imagine what level of change a regional association can bring having so many people. However, the regional associations arenít given a platform to bring about a change and arenít backed up well, they arenít utilized to their full-extent. I seek to bring this about by having a proper weekend for them, thus they get to improve their own regional culture by conducting activities like trivia games and regional performances. Coming to the performing clubs, we can see the name IIT Roorkee have made for themselves by showing their talent made to the outside world. We too have a diverse talent pool but they havenít been able to showcase all their skills due to various reasons. I plan to set up a Cultural Outreach team who will keep in constant touch with other colleges, search for opportunities and take care of all amenities like transport and permissions. This should surely improve the enthusiasm of all the clubs.

Why specifically Cultural Secretary? Why not any other Club or Dept. Head?
Having worked for various clubs, departments and regional associations, I know first hand the difficulties faced by some of them to bring their works to the forefront. As a Cultural Secretary, I will make sure that these people get the recognition they deserve. To achieve this, I want to establish BITS Media to convey the activities of various clubs to the campus. To achieve this, the performing clubs, the technical clubs(VFx) and Journal Club will have to work together to get the attention of the entire college.

Last year we saw the emergence of Crimson Curtain, the standalone fest of the Dramatics Club. Under your tenure can we expect to see other such Standalone Fest(s)?
I have no such thing in mind. However, if clubs or associations do approach me, I will be more than willing to take up the idea and implement it if it seems viable.

One more thing, you have a point regarding teaming up with various other colleges in the city and promoting various Social Causes. Please Elaborate and do you have any specific cause that made you put it up in your manifesto?
I donít have any specific cause on my mind. There must be an initiative taken and I want to be the one who takes this initiative. We have seen some colleges around India raising their voice regarding a specific cause. Imagine when our college along with IIIT or IIT taking up such a thing. The impact on the society will be a lot. This will also improve the reputation of the college.

Collaboration is okay, but how do you seek to synchronize two campuses that are at the opposites of the city?
Synchronizing two colleges is not a difficult task as long as organizers and students of both institutes actively want it to happen. Care will be taken to ensure that it is at a time comfortable to students of both the institutes.

You talked about the challenges, can you describe what was one of the most difficult challenges you faced in these two years?
Glitterati 2017 comes to mind. Until Pearl 2016, there was only one team that performed and participate in both Miss Diva and Glitterati, and they would win both. That was one of the reasons that Miss Diva was dissolved. This year, the job of handling Glitterati was given to me. With no database to work off of, I had to start from scratch and gather contacts from the various clubs of the campus and invite people to come participate. Even a few days before, I was busy making calls to people of various colleges inviting them to come participate. To me, pulling off a successful Glitterati 2017 was one of the most challenging things I have done in the last two years.

Do you have any specific artists in mind for Pearl or is there any scale to which you want to take this Pearl?
I do not have any specific artists in mind. But I can guarantee that it will be better than the previous editions. Iíd also like to urge people to turn up for the events and talks that we have. Some events have very few participations that it pains us, the organizers to see the hard work we put in being wasted. The clubs put in a lot of effort to bring a speaker and it negatively affects our reputation if the turnout is low.