Interview of Candidate for Cultural Secretary (Girls) - K Vaishnavi Reddy

- Srija Nannuri , Journal Club



Why are you contesting for cultural secretary? What is your motivation behind this?
It all started in my first year. I was awestruck by the things happening around me. I loved working for departments, giving my inputs, discussing random ideas, and initiating different things. I thought standing for cultural secretary will take this experience to another level, a place where I can contribute more, experiment with things, and interact and work with enthusiastic minds. It will give me a sense of responsibility, a better vision to work towards. I believe it will help me develop as a person and give me an opportunity to develop others as well as the campus and I donít think I can get this experience anywhere else!

If you had to sum up your manifesto in two lines, what would it be?
Well, my manifesto is all about coming up with new and innovative ideas, I want to do things that previous cultural secretaries might have overlooked. I want an all-round development. I made sure that my manifesto included not only cultural but also technical points. I want the p people, especially the girls to realise that itís important to take up cultural activities alongside academics. So, overall, I seek complete development.

What do you consider as you biggest contribution to the campus?
I think it would be the SU Tech room and Caza De Talentos. The SU tech room because it was one of my initiatives that I could take up. It was one step that made me more confident towards taking up new initiatives in the campus.

Speaking of the SU Tech room, it did have a great start but it didnít seem that functional. Your take on that?
The SU tech room had a great start and it did get a good response. It takes a lot to implement ideas and I am happy with the way the Tech Room turned out. It has a lot of potential to expand and we are working for its betterment.
The workshops here arenít properly timed and it took me a lot of time and effort to get people together, understand their mentalities and get them working under one roof. Till date, the SU Tech room was used only for getting inventory but the idea of the tech room was beyond just providing inventory. It was created to look after the collective technical needs on a regular basis and to facilitate sharing of ideas, which didnít happen.
We also faced certain issues with the initial set up but, by next semester, these will be taken care of. We now have an idea of how things work. We also plan to get mini projects from outside. This will be a kickstart to the beginners and a way for them to boost their confidence.

The footfall for Pearl is usually less as compared to other fests, how are you going to tackle this issue?
The idea is to publicize our cultural fest Pearl. I plan to do it during inter college competitions and Arena, to capture the footfall of these events and redirect it to Pearl.
I do have ideas of collaborating with DePP and allocating different clubs to different groups of people so that there is enough publicity for all the clubs.

We have people here who are engineers first and then they realise their talents. What are you going to do for this exploring society?
I have been exploring myself and am still not sure if I am completely inclined towards becoming an engineer.
Technology is growing and expanding exponentially. It is important that we are in sync with the ever-changing world and its people. One of my manifesto points is to have a time table app, to be able to use this technology and make things more easy, comfortable, and hassle free
I feel one should explore all the departments and then try combining them to come up with new ideas. This is how we improve.

Unanimous is associated with someone who gets 100% agreement. But here at BPHC, the term has lost its meaning. We are given just one option and are forced to agree to that. You are the only one standing for this post and soon are going to be the unanimous cultural secretary. Your opinion on this?
This is where public responsibility comes into the picture. This is when you people should come up with questions and ensure that we are on our toes and working for your betterment. During my campaigning, I found that people are not ready to listen to me because they have taken it for granted since I am the only person going for it. If you people can question me and keep me under constant check, that would be a great step. We are, after all your representatives and therefore it is important that you question our credibility!