Interview of Candidate for Sports Secretary (Boys) - Kritanshu Singh

- Yash Jain , Journal Club



What makes you the sports secretary BPHC deserves?
Having represented my institute in and outside the campus, I have seen many Sports Festivals and experienced things at the ground level. Taking out the positives from each of them and coupling it with my vision, I believe I can execute my responsibilities to the best of my level. Handling many tournaments such as Blitzkrieg and RIXA in the campus by far, I have become fluent in planning the course of action and managing all the on-spot screw-ups. It's all about the presence of mind and the faith that you put on your team that helps you come up with the solutions even in such situations. So, yeah, I feel I am ready to take up any responsibility that will be bestowed upon me.

How important do you see the role of Infrastructure and Administration of Sports in our campus? What are the amendments that you would be proposing in it?
See, the sporting culture is built on how well the authorities facilitate all the infrastructure and the required equipment, and to what extent is the justice being done to it by the students. As we can see, not all the sports have been appointed a regular coach. Also, when it comes to the Gym, there isn't any expert in the field who can guide the students. About all the amendments that can practically be implemented, I believe that the scheduled hours that we have for each of the sports can be equally be divided among the various sports according to the necessity. Also, the appointment of a Gym instructor is quite possible for all the fitness enthusiasts in college. For organising any tournament in a sport, the vice captains (which will be officially nominated from each sport) would play a crucial role in sharing the workload and ensuring the smooth functioning throughout the tournament.

What is your vision for the sporting culture of our campus and how do you plan to enhance the same?
My vision majorly targets upon bringing out people from their rooms. It's not only the academics that defines who you are, it's the personality that you build by your performance and Sports play a vital part in it. As I have mentioned in my manifesto, events like 'Open Day' will be organised so that every enthusiast gets a fair chance to showcase his/her talent and improve their individual performance. We would strive to increase the transparency among the sports by using Competitive Ladder system.
I have been pragmatic with my manifesto rather than what people call idealistic. A lot will depend on how the things actually take shape with time and I would assure my fellow BITSians that they won't be let down any day from my end.

You mentioned the concept of 'Competitive Ladder' that you are keen to put forth. Can you give us an idea of what this system really is and how will it ensure the transparency among the sports?
This system has been the brainchild of mine since my first year. This mainly targets the Racquet Sports wherein the Captain and the Vice-Captain will be ranking all the players individually along with the enthusiasts that show up for the Open Days. According to this system, a player is free to challenge any players who're ranked up to 5 points above him/her. If the higher rated player loses, the challenger takes his/her position and the other player slips down. If the challenger loses to do so, the window of 5 reduces to 1.This will help in ensuring the transparency as only the top ranked players will then be considered to represent BPHC in ARENA, removing the possibility of any biasing involved.

What are your goals for ARENA'18?
Since this year, we'll be hosting the Inter-BITS tournament, it will surely be a big challenge to meet up the standards that were set by the Dubai Campus last year. But I believe with the experience that I've gained regarding event organizing, along with the excellent FOB that will be elected, I would definitely put my heart in the Fest and this ARENA would prove to be the best that has ever been witnessed by us BITSians.