Interview of Candidate for Sports Secretary (Boys) - Eswar Krishna

- Girish Nadiger , Journal Club



Please introduce yourself and your aims for the general bodyís convenience.
Hello this is Eshwar Krishna standing for the post of Sports Secretary 2017-18. Let me explain the basic motto of what I wanted to do in my tenure. What I believe is we should cut down on the cost where we can and Invest on where we could. The basic response from a Sports Secretary should be concentrating on the Campusí sporting culture and good Arena. So, Arena is just a 3-day fest but our Campusí Sporting Culture depends on the fest. If Arena goes into losses, then we should invest the money that should be spent on the Campusí sporting culture on Arena. So, we should aim for a successful Arena so that Arena ends in profits. And we can use the money for the Campusí sports activities. So thatís what I want to concentrate on.

When did you start planning to become the sports secretary?
Basically speaking, I started working just because of my seniors. Seniors motivated me to work, they took me along with them for work and all. I found an interest in them. BITS provided me the basic freedom to do anything we want, and I like that. When I was working, it was like I was learning something different. One year down the lane I have seen myself in many of the departments and there is this will in me that we should do something new, we should prove ourselves, and that we should do something for the campus. Because all these days what we are doing is serving for the campus. So, I wanted to prove myself that we can do something for the campus. There is lot of scope for the development for the campus and I have seen many of the problems and I have found solutions to the problems and I want to implement them.

What do you think about the other candidate?
I know him personally from my first year too I have seen him work too so I am going against him because I know the advantage that I have. I mean I know what I can do for the campus, so that's what if not I personally irrespective of whether he wins or I win I personally will like to work with him. Because campus was the priority then we are the second priority. So, I had very good opinion on him and it will continue after elections.

Given the fact that despite all effort there are cases where some screw-ups generally happen during fests so what are you proposing that will reduce this in upcoming festivals especially considering that upcoming arena is Inter-BITS?
Basically, experience plays a major role. Yes, we work hard. Despite of all the hard work we couldn't do somethings well. this is because we don't have that proper vision. Vision comes from the work experience, for what things we need to focus on. We should know that this comes from prior work experiences. Credentials are the most important thing on which candidates are judged upon. So, the credentials are basically the work experience. So, we should know what problems we had, what all problems we face last time what all, the ways in which we should go which will avoid those problems, so that next time we don't face the same issues.

How are you planning to hold the first Inter-BITS in BITS Hyderabad? What are your plans what do you want to implement other than the normal Arena?
Other than the normal Arena we had some, there are some scope of development wherein we want to get new speakers rather than investing much on professional show because we can't get Proshows like Sonu Nigam or Farhan Akhtar for Arena, we have that budget constraint. If we can bring a quality speaker, arrange it up. So, for Proshows people from outside campuses I mean other than the registrations, only for Pro Showís people donít come to our campus for Arena. When we have the talks for people like Harsha Bhogle coming in, then we can get people from outside. So thatís the kind of thing we want. Suppose if we invest at least 1 lakh on this talk, worst case we will get good speaker for 1 lakh, so if we can invest on that we can have a good pro show and we will have people coming from the outside and itís all related to sports so it will look more appealing.

How do you aim on elevating sports culture on the campus?
See, we have all the required things that we need, we have decent equipment, we have enough number of facilities; but the main problem is all this are not very streamlined. All the problems that we face are not in guidelines. So, when we know the problem, we should get the solution. First thing is we should know the problem. To know all the problems is by getting to the ground level problems, getting the ground level people to tell their problems. Therefore, we wanted to form a committee wherein we can get the ground level problems focused, and with the discussion of the committee we can get it solved. The Sports secretary, if he does the same things, if he started where he started last year and ends where he ended last year then there is no use that person being in the post. So, it should be like he starts where it started last year, and end it on a higher note. And thatís how we should do it. This can have an effect to budget allotments and affect decision making.

I have here a manifesto related question. You have said like a curtain raiser for arena. What do you mean by that?
See the basic idea behind this is that we have pre-fest events for Atmos., we have curtain raisers for Pearl. But we donít have any pre-fest event for arena. This affects Arena as we donít have this pre-fest culture on our campus. Since Arena is right after our vacation, at the start of a new semester, people will be in the vacation mood and a lot of people donít show interest in working for the department. For Arena, we need lot of departmental work. Sadly, itís not that big. So, Arena being the liveliest fest in our campus still lacks the pre-fest fever. So, to induce that pre-fest fever we wanted to have a curtain raiser for the Arena which is just like a scaled up event of a sports meet. It will be a mini-Arena kind of.

Arena being the most footfall oriented fest of our campus, next edition being an Inter BITS, how do you see about the minor things what went un-noticed in this edition, wonít be missed during your tenure?
The main problem regarding all these minor coordination issues is budget allocation. Either it will be too less for some, or too much for some.
If we canít bring enough number of chairs then there is the problem with the budget allocation. So, if we can allocate enough amount for this chairs and tent houses then it will be done properly. If you see last yearís budget and see where all we faced problems, where the budget allocation has gone wrong then we can work on it. These are the minor things which affect a lot. The main thing we are lacking is the coordination between departments and the captains. Fields like football have should be maintained at least 3-4 days before the best.

What all are the new things you are planning to do for the campus related to sports?
Basically, I donít want to promise people something I want to do completely new. Because what I want to do is solve all the problems in the campus. Because I believe is we have enough, but we should restructure them. We should use our equipmentís and facilities to maximum extent. So that all the plyers playing sports should not have any problem. My basic concern is solving all these problems. So, each point of my manifesto is related to a problem. If we have problem with the workforce for the arena, then I had a point of curtain raiser for arena. I can myself, being a member of seven departments can bring in people, because I have lot of contacts with the juniors what I have made till now, working for so many departments. And, affiliating with sports society of Telangana, we solve the budget problem, and the logistical problems that we had primarily because of it. To solve that, to increase the footfall, to increase the standard of the fest, we wanted to associate with sports society of Telangana. See, Verba Maximus associated with British council and you know how beneficial it was, how Verba Maximus got scaled up to the next level. Similarly, if we associate with Sports society of Telangana, it will take our fest to whole new level. This is something new what I wanted to do.
Next thing is arena contingent championship. We have some sports which have less footfall. So, investing on sport which is already at its peak doesnít make any sense. Investing on sport which are not at its peak, which have not grown that much makes sense. So, this will help our fest football to increase by a very big margin. My main moto is the sports like these get exposure. They should grow. Not stay the same way they were last year.
Forming of a Sports Organization Committee (SOC) to take effective decisions. These people will analyze and take proper decisions for sports related things. The player playing in the fest look on minor things like ground quality, equipmentís quality etc. Here SOC will help a lot.

What are you looking from the campus people to address the fest and make it better?
The campus must support our decisions. If we want to do something positive, we need a good response from the campus. Example: we have Inter-BITS. It tells us where do we stand among all the 4 BITS Campuses. The fest just went a level up from this, and we need to put that extra effort to make this fest great and show how much great Arena can be. We must make sure our Arena is the best. But for this we need a positive response from the campus.
Arena being the highest participant oriented fest in our campus, despite being the liveliest fest on the campus, is the 3rd most prioritized fest after Pearl and Atmos. I might be standing for the post of Sports Secretory of the campus, I donít know whether I can talk like this or not but thatís the sad truth. Because we should accept all our faults. Being Inter-BITS, itís the right time itís the best time to raise the bar. For this we need a person who can guide us through this: Someone who has the work experience, who has the vision to excel our Arena. Whether itís me or not, I want people to stand at this moment, I mean stand for the campus at this moment, start working for our campus, show their work attitude, and prove that Arena is the best among all the 4 campuses. Because this decides where we stand among all the 4 BITS campuses. So, I want each person in the campus to understand this fact. Because we bear that BITSians tag. We feel pride in saying that we are BITS Hyderabad Students, they should take same pride in working for Arena. We need this kind of enthusiasm from the people. Thatís the kind of culture we want for this campus.