Interview of Candidate for Sports Secretary (Girls) - Mahak Parwana

- Archana Swaminathan , Journal Club



Are you ready to take up all the challenges that come up with this post? Do you feel prepared to take on the burden that comes hand-in-hand with politics?
Iím definitely ready to take up the challenges that come with this post. Itís just been three days of the campaigning and Iím experiencing new things, some against me and some for me. I do feel prepared but Iíve also started feeling the burden of politics on me and Iím really liking it because itís something new for me and Iím really learning a lot.

Letís talk about your initiatives. You are planning to introduce a self defense program, yogakul and a Sports Mentorship Program. How feasible are they?
Letís talk about self defense first. We all know how important this is for girls and even after four years, these are vital skills every woman should know. I have talked to the Martial Arts Society regarding this and they are ready to train girls in self defense. Weíre thinking of weekly sessions or monthly sessions, something which will be decided based on the turnout.
Coming to Yoga, itís really important because of the numerous health benefits it provides. The Yoga sessions have started on a good note. The main problem with Yoga sessions is it has to be done in the morning and people in BPHC are not early risers. But we have around fifteen people now, out of which around five come daily. Thatís enough for a start, we are confident the turnout will increase soon.
For the Sports Mentorship Program, we are trying to get the team captains and experienced players to help out beginners in learning the sport as coaches are only there to coach the teams. Getting proper coaches to teach the sport is highly dependent on turnout, so I think we can start off with other students helping out, itís more feasible for now. We are never short of teachers, we need people to actively participate and not be lazy, thatís all.

Whatís your vision for Arena í18?
There should be more crowd, more enthusiasm, more energy and more fun. Most importantly, with the help of the Sports Mentorship Program, I wanted to form tennis and squash teams for the girls. It will be their first Arena, but we can still hope for a laurel or two. I also want to engage the people not involved in any sport by keeping small games like gully cricket and kho-kho, for more fun. Arena shouldnít be limited to the teams alone, everyone should have an opportunity to do something.

How do you plan to improve the sporting culture on campus?
I think the Sports Mentoring Committee will really help in improving the sports culture.
If people are interested, they will surely get access to the best of teachers and resources to help them passionately pursue the sports of their choice. Coming to improving the infrastructure, many people have told me that gym ventilation is not proper, equipment is rusty. Iíll try to reach all the concerned people and get it repaired as that is my job. That is the reason Iím here.

What are your own goals in the future?
I want to be a good leader and a great motivator, someone who can motivate people to play sports and promote good health and fitness. I want to learn and experience new things and work hard for the campus. Iíd like to experience being a member of the SUC and do my bit to improve the campus. To sum it all up, I want to make BPHC fit and healthy.

Any final words
In short, Iíve really enjoyed this. The experience of campaigning, dealing with the pressure, dealing with and filing complaints, talking to new people is amazing. Win or lose, Iíve gotten to know a lot of people and Iím really grateful for this. Iíll also know the people who truly stand by me and those who donít. This experience will stay with me forever.