The Green Guardian Project

- Aditya Vidhate , SWD Nucleus



The Green Guardian Project

Our campus represents one of the best intellects that exist in this country today. We have great scholars, leaders, tinkerers, ideators, artists, creators and I cannot fathom what treasures our futures hold for us. We are possibly the best shot our Nation has for its future. But even after having such a highly concentrated pool of mature and talented individuals, we lack responsibility towards our environment.

Nature has provided us limitless resources, yet it sits at the bottom of our priority lists. No one pays attention to the environment because there are no immediate effects of throwing a plastic bottle out of the window. No one comes and yells at you for leaving the washroom lights switched on all night. Indeed some of our parents might even motivate us to pull a few extra plastic bags while shopping at the supermarket, because who knows when you'll need it right?

The environment is suffering miserably. More damage has been done than we can control, all efforts put together. One in every four mammals is at the risk of extinction and one in every three if you consider the marine life. In Asia about 80% of all our primate species face extinction in today's date and around 30% of world's coral reefs are already dead and bleached. Not just death of biodiversity, we have made our weather warmer, drowned islands into rising sea levels and created new kinds of islands - Garbage Islands. According to facts, an island made of pure human dump garbage, larger than the surface area of India, Europe and Mexico combined, floats in our oceans today. (link:

Can we make an impact at all?
I believe we can, and that too with negligible efforts required.
What does it take?
Self-responsibility. If one person understands the dearth of the situation, and just takes responsibility for herself/himself, we shall be changing one whole lifetime of environmental impact, maybe even a generation, or a line of generations.
What responsibility?
A few small things around you, like - always throw a piece of junk into a dustbin, switch off the classroom AC after the class, turn off a flush which someone by mistake left running.
If You and me together can make one person realise, that her/his responsibility can make a great change, we have already succeeded.

The Green Guardian Project is about a group of motivated people on this campus who take responsibility for themselves. There are no tasks. The only meeting we'll have are the ones out of our own will. There is no member list nor an induction round. There are no incentives or any certificates. There is just you, standing beside other humble souls, who promise to care and protect.

I hope that I can instill at least some motivation into a few of you to resonate with this cause. If you understand this, Iíll be more than happy if you can devote a meagre 30 minutes, and come to F108 tomorrow, Saturday, 8th April at 7:00PM. A few sub-initiatives under this will be launched, and any support is respected and appreciated.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead.